White Lightning weed

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White Lightning weed

THC: 21%

CBD:  0.2%

EFFECTS…Aroused,Cerebral,Euphoria,Focused,Giggly,Happy,Relaxed and Uplifting

CURES…Anxiety,Cramps,Depression,Fatigue,,Pain and Stress



White Lightning weed bud breed is an effective Hybrid blossom. White Lightning.
If you are in the mood to acquire a deeper mind-body relationship, then the White Lightning bud strain is the best helper.

Lab Tested Outcomes:

THC: 21 percent

CBD: 0.2percent


This flower has got its title.

This bud strain is powerful, but the bud gives a comfortable balance between focused psychological experience and calming heavy-bodied feeling. From time to time, the combination of these physical and cerebral impacts may cause a dreamy mindset.

Marijuana fans can appreciate this breed in lots of different manners, for instance;

White Lightning Oil Pens could be gotten from select cannabis brands, based on the region.

White Lightning shatters, White Lightning wax, along with other White Lightning centers can be located from numerous retailers.

This bud has uttered a sticky sweet odor White Lightning weed .

Potent, this strain can reportedly produce around 24 per cent THC White Lightning weed.

About appearance, these blossoms are amazing to behold. Silvery white crystal trichomes decorate a blossom green bud. This bud strain comes with a Hybrid foliage arrangement, maybe closer to broad White Lightning weed .

Medical Advantages of White Lightning weed
This highly effective strain could be just the ticket for medical marijuana victims seeming to crack through their tolerance barrier in order to take care of an assortment of ailments.

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This health cannabis strain may be helpful for those looking for relief from chronic and moderate pain

Furthermore, those who suffer with mental health conditions such as depression, chronic stress and anorexia may find relief for this strain

Occasionally, this cannabis strain is preferred among patients with acute neurological conditions

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