Blue Goo Marijuana

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THC: 18%

CBD:  1%

EFFECTS…Energetic,Euphoria,Focused,Relaxed and Creative

CURES…Anxiety,Depression,Fatigue,Lack Of Appetite, Pain and Stres



Blue Goo Marijuana

Though it appears to be a material in the apocalyptic sci-fi book, Blue Goo is really a sativa-dominant hybrid with a severe luggage charm. This breed has an intricate flavor profile that has notes of berries, gas, and walnut, amongst others. Additionally, it supplies a well-balanced high which will interest sativa fans who would rather not spend an excessive amount of time inside their minds. Blue Goo’s effectiveness was measured at between 16 percent and 22 percent THC.


Blue Goo Marijuana

Blue Goo’s little to moderate blossoms are notable due to their almost spherical shapes. The orbs cling together in the tight and dense bud structure frequently connected with indicas. Most striking, however, is their color — that the leaves are a dark shade of forest green and, more frequently than not, comprises streaks of purple; those latter colors come about when pigments at the breed’s genetics are aroused by cold weather throughout the developing process. A dusting of little white trichomes covers those vibrant buds such as confectioner’s sugar while hairy red pistils finish their way through the tightly-packed leaves.

When properly treated, Blue Goo provides off the unmistakable odor of blueberries. This sour aroma is wrapped out by woodsy hints of bamboo and pine, providing the blossoms a general pungent berry personality. On closer review, the buds have the astringent tang of gas. Especially, Blue Goo doesn’t have discernible grape tastes — this is due to the fact that the anthocyanin pigments which dictate the crops’ color don’t have a corresponding impact on its own taste.

Blue Goo proffers a top that builds gradually, finally showing a mellow sativa energy caused by intense sensory perception and improvement in mood. The deficiency of frenzied”mind race” causes this breed great for calm, creative thinking, in addition to for analytical strategies to problem-oriented situations. These relaxing vibes might not dip users to immobile couch-lock, though it can create more active pursuits such as exercise or running errands obviously uncomfortable. Rather, smokers might rather spend time inside with close friends since they like Blue Goo’s even-handed sedation. This breed could be appreciated any time of day, though it can be more welcome in the late afternoon or early evening on account of the manner it tapers into physiological calm.

It may take the edge off the troubling signs of mild to moderate stress, melancholy, or PTSD. It might also function as a powerful analgesic for aches and pains, if they are incidental, as because of trauma or even more chronic, as because of conditions like arthritis or endometriosis. Since users don’t report that an uncontrolled feeling of extreme cerebral believing or paranoia, Blue Goo might be a fantastic selection for anyone who have panic disorders or people with a very low tolerance for THC.

No large scale breeders have produced seeds of Blue Goo available for sale on the internet. Those seeking to increase the strain will have to acquire clippings from older, healthy crops so as to grow genetically indistinguishable” clones.” Those seeking to accentuate Blue Goo’s striking purple colors also need to expose their plants to warmer than average temperatures in the vegetative stage. Blue Goo blossoms within 9 to 10 months when grown inside.

Neither overly floaty nor overly weighty, Blue Goo is a perfect hybrid for preserving attention, sociability, and favorable attitudes.

Blue Goo is a sweet-smelling hybrid breed that provides a mixture of buzzy cerebral results and hot, tingly body impacts. Blue Goo.
Blue Goo is a Hybrid breed with an unfortunate title which does not reflect its quality at all. This cannabis, filmed by the famed Blue Fantasy and Afgoo, supplies a buzzy, loopy cerebral uplift, using a wonderful accompaniment of physiological warmth for people who discover most Sativas too heady. What’s more, it has a sleek, pleasing blueberry taste.

Lab Tested Outcomes:

THC: 18 percent

CBD: 1 percent


Though its title makes it seem like a gruesome industrial product, Blue Goo is really a beautiful Sativa dominant bud, descended from two classic marijuana breeds; Blue Fantasy and Afgoo. Blue Goo Marijuana Blue Goo Marijuana

This marijuana basically delivers a gooey form of a timeless Sativa encounter, marrying psychological and physiological outcomes. Together with THC of 16 to 22 percent, it is a powerful strain, worthy of admiration, particularly from beginner smokers. Blue Goo Marijuana

Upon smoking or ingesting this cannabis, fans notice a fast clear cerebral uplift, with a dawning feeling of happiness. Their ideas choose a fluttery facet, causing a sense of imagination and adventurousness. Simultaneously they undergo a tingly sense of comfort that spreads through their entire body. Blue Goo Marijuana

This combination implies that this marijuana is a good halfway point between a narcotic Indica and also an eye-popping Sativa: your brain will not be rushing crazily, but it will not be wholly sludgy either. Blue Goo Marijuana

Blue Goo is offered in shatter form by a couple of unique retailers, in addition to from vape cartridges from Rapid Grass.

This cannabis is a fairly and different silvery blue-green, using a clear coating of apparent trichomes. It’s an unmistakable berry odor, together with an earthy skunkiness, along with a tangy walnut character. The buds are not particularly tacky, also, once divided up and sparked, they create a very smooth and sweet smoke.

Medical marijuana patients dealing with many disorders could do much worse than reaching to the Goo in times of demand.

Uplifting and energizing effects May Be beneficial to individuals suffering from moderate forms of depression and other mood disorders

Allergic effects may be of use for individuals dealing with chronic stress

Small anesthetic effects can be helpful for patients dealing with chronic pains and aches

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